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The age old question of what air filter is the best has been asked as long as the internet has existed.  It is the year 2018 now, and a lot of technological advancements have been made in the world of filtration as the machines that are being raced and the ones which we ride are becoming more sophisticated and demanding.

In this article we are going to explain why we chose only Sprint Filter as our go to air filters and what makes them completely different from others even though 3rd party dyno testing and even a comprehensive 3rd party laboratory analysis has shown Sprint Filter to be superior when compared to any others out there.

Air filters serve two main purposes on the motorcycle, the primary purpose for them is to block foreign particles from entering into the cylinder chamber, and secondly to allow good air flow in order to let the engine breathe.  This has been a constant battle, since traditionally good air flow meant compromising on the filtration capabilities, this is where materials and the substances used played a major role.

For a long time (and they still are) air filters were primarily made of paper, cotton, or sponge type materials which were often soaked in oil for performance applications.  The main purpose of the oil is to catch dust particles which would make it through since the size of the holes in these materials can not be the exact same size throughout the filter, this is one of the main limitations of using paper, cotton or sponge type material.

Thanks to Sprint Filter, there is another material being used in the making of air filters which is a huge leap forward compared to traditional methods and materials being used.

Sprint Filter has revolutionized the air filter market by using polyester fabric to construct their air filters.  Unlike other materials we discussed above, polyester fabric is a solid material which is not affected by folding, difference in pressure nor during being handled for maintenance.  Only a single layer of polyester fabric is used when making Sprint Filters as compared to having multiple layers of other materials used to achieve filtration properties that are needed for an air filter.

Using polyester fabric has made Sprint Filter capable of making each hole in the fabric exactly the same size.  This enabled these air filters to control exactly the amount of air and the size of the particles which would pass through.

Furthermore using polyester fabrics have made these air filters to be lifetime filters, meaning you will never have to replace it as long as you take proper care of them, which is as simple as removing it and cleaning it with compressed air, that is it!

Now that we know what sets apart Sprint Filter air filters from others in terms of the materials used, lets look at the different polyester fabrics that Sprint Filter uses.  We have put each polyester fabric under a microscope for you, this way, you can see what we are raving on about.

P08 Polyester Material

This redish orange color polyester material is used on the most popular Sprint Filter air filters, which is ideal for road and track use.  It provides an air flow of 5050 liters per meter square a second while being able to trap 93.13% of 100 μm (micrometer) particles.

Cotton air filters are able to achieve only numbers between 3700-4800 liters per meter square a second depending on how many layers are used in their construction. Lets not forget that with a cotton filter at the higher end of that flow scale you are going to be letting too many particles through, trapping only 76.42% of 100 μm particles.

This is why the Sprint Filter P08 air filters have been the most popular choice for consumers who wanted maximum performance from a performance street air filter.


P16 Polyester Material


The P16 polyester material was developed only for racing use, as you can see the size of the holes in the material are larger than the P08.  This allows for almost double the air flow at 10000 liters per meter square while the filtration capability is at 160 μm.  Due to the filtration capabilities, it is not advised to be used on the street.

The Sprint Filter P16 air filters have been used by many top level race teams around the world due to its unrivaled qualities as a filter and its performance.


P08F1-85 Polyester Material

Developed and used by many top level factory racing teams in MotoGP and WSBK, the P08F1-85 polyester material is the latest polyester material which Sprint Filter has introduced.  This patented material is a huge leap forward in the world of filtration because it allows an air flow of 15000 liters per meter square while guaranteeing a filtration capability of particles as small as 85 μm.  These are some very impressive numbers which are unmatched by any other air filter on the market.

These numbers have been achieved not only because of the polyester material which has been used, but also as you can see in the pictures it utilizes a steel mesh with an epoxy coating as the supporting layer for the polyester material.   The main purpose of using mesh on air filters is to make sure the filter does not collapse while the engine is sucking the air, especially during such high air flow instances.

The new steel mesh uses thinner strands that have larger openings. This has allowed the surface area of the polyester material to increase from 66% (as it is with the P08 and P16) to 80% of the total air filter surface.

The P08 and the P16 polyester materials were already able to out perform any other performance air filter on the market due to their construction. Sprint Filter have far out done themselves with the introduction of this P08 F1-85 air filter and now you know exactly how they have made this incredible achievement possible.

The P08 F1-85 air filters are available for consumers to purchase as of December 2017 for the most popular sport bike applications and are available through our website at

- Sprint Filter P08, P16 and P08 F1-85 Air Filters

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