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How To Install the Dieci83 Radiator Guard on a BMW S1000RR

How To Install the Dieci83 Radiator Guard on a BMW S1000RR

You’ve got your brand new superbike, and you’re itching to take it out. But, in the first few minutes of riding you start to notice that the temperature is rising. You ride back home and notice a small leak coming from the radiator… 
Because of how these bikes are designed, they run a great risk of sustaining damage to either the radiator or oil cooler. The Dieci83 Radiator Guards are an inexpensive solution to a potentially very expensive problem; a leaking radiator and/or oil cooler caused by a simple rock or debris slinging from your front tire.
A leak in your cooling system and/or oil system will not only cause your motorcycle to overheat, which might lead to a leaking head gasket, it could be very dangerous in the event that you slip on your own leaking fluids, damage your bike and potentially cause rider injury.
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Installing the Dieci83 Radiator Guard

Now before starting, you’re going to need a T25 wrench to remove the bolts holding the side-panels on. Once you’ve grabbed your wrench, let’s move on to the install.
BMW S1000RR Side Panel Bolt Locations
Start off on one side of your bike, removing the T25 bolts holding down your side panel. There should be a total of 5 on the side, and 2 behind the wheel. Repeat the same on the opposite side.
BMW S1000RR Engine Spoiler Bolt Locations
Next, you’ll have to remove the 2 bolts holding the engine spoiler. These are behind the wheel, as well. Do the same on the opposite side.
BMW S1000RR Radiator Support Bolt Locations
With the engine spoiler loose, remove the support bolt for the radiator mount, and repeat on the other side.
Dieci83 supplied foams and zip ties
The disassembly is now complete! Now you’ll start getting the Dieci83 Radiator and Oil Cooler Guard on the bike. To start, you’ll find some foam and zip ties in the Dieci83 packaging. 
Dieci83 FoamsDieci83 Foam positioning
Grab the foams, cut them into squares and stick them on the side that will go against the radiator and oil cooler. These foamies prevent any noise and rattling that may occur due to vibration.
Dieci83 Zip Ties
After that is done, insert the zip ties on the corner edges of the Dieci83 Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards, but do not tighten them completely. These zip ties will be used to tighten the Dieci83 against the mounting points.
Dieci83 PositioningDieci83 position
Now you’ll be taking your radiator guard and sliding it into place. Get it positioned where it needs to go, and slide the engine spoiler over the radiator guard so that it sits behind the spoiler. Make sure that the bottom tabs line up where the radiator support mount bolt goes. If it doesn’t line up perfectly, you can adjust the radiator guard with a little force.
Dieci83 Zip Tie Mounting Place
We’ll be mounting the top tabs now. Note where the zip ties need to sit in the above photo, and place each side accordingly. Do not tighten them completely. We’ll tighten it up at the end, once everything has been placed correctly.
Dieci83 Oil Cooler Guard rear tabsDieci83 Oil Cooler Guard rear tab positioningDieci83 Oil Cooler Guard support bolt mounting
Next, is the oil cooler guard. You’ll note that the oil cooler guard has 2 tabs on the bottom rear. These will clip on to the oil cooler from the bottom, and then you can finally bolt down that radiator support mount.
Dieci83 Radiator Guard zip tie tightening
To finish, you can go back to the top of the radiator to tighten up those zip ties once you’re happy with how everything is positioned, and install your side panels in reverse order.
You are done! Now you can go for rides with a little more peace of mind, that there is an extra layer of protection for when those rocks get kicked up towards your radiator and oil cooler.
Be sure to check out the full collection of Dieci83 products for your bike here.


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