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How To Install the Sprint Filter P08 on your Ducati Streetfighter V4
“Ducati’s are hard to work on.” is something that you’ll hear a lot in the bike world. But this install may be the easiest there is. The 1-minute version is to turn your wheel, remove the bolts holding the filter cover and repeat on the other side. Swap your filters, and you are done. But for a few more details, tips and visual aids, keep reading below!

Why Upgrade?

Before getting into the details, let’s go over why you may want to upgrade your air filter. First of all, depending on your mileage, it may be time to at least inspect your air filter to make sure it is still in good condition. A dirty air filter can bring damage to your engine internals that can be costly, and with air filters being a fairly inexpensive upgrade, it makes no sense to not keep it in top shape.
Now, the stock air filter will always do a sufficient job in keeping your engine clean, but to gain a bit of performance, you’ll always need to upgrade to a better option.
Our filter of choice is Sprint Filter, because of the technology they use when developing the filters, and because of its trusted status. It is used in over 70% of MotoGP bikes, and it comes standard with the Ducati Panigale V4R. And if you purchase an Akrapovic exhaust system for your bike, you’ll find that a Sprint Filter is included.
There is a reason for it being trusted by various manufacturers. Sprint Filter has done its homework when developing their air filters, and has become the leader in the performance air filter space. 
But for a deeper dive into the topic, check out our blog post on this topic specifically here.
Now let’s get on to installing the Sprint Filter.

Sprint Filter Installation

4mm Hex/Allen Key

To start off, you’ll be needing a 4mm hex/allen key. This is the only tool you’ll need for the entire install (besides your bare hands).
Turn wheel completely to one side
Turn your wheel completely to one side, exposing the 2 bolts that hold the air filter cover in place.
Remove the exposed bolts using your 4mm tool
Remove the bolts using the 4mm hex/allen key. Place your bolts aside to not lose them. 
Turn steering to the opposite side
Remove bolts on opposite side
Turn your wheel to the opposite side, and repeat step 2.
Now you have free access to the air filter
Now that the air filter covering is free from the bolts, you’ll be able to loosen it up, giving you space to access the air filter.
Remove the air filter and swap in your new filter. If you’re using the Sprint Filter, take note that there is a rounded edge, and a square edge. The square edge faces in, and the rounded edge faces out towards the air filter cover.
Swap in your new air filter and assemble it back together!
Check the air filter positioning on both sides to ensure that it is seated correctly.
Complete the install by putting everything back together in reverse order!
    When we said this was the easiest install, we weren’t kidding. Now get out there and ride your bike!

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