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HOW TO - Install TWM Remote Adjuster on Bremco RCS 19

TWM Special Components is our go to brand when choosing a remote adjuster for our Brembo master cylinders.  Remote adjusters provide micro adjustment of the brake lever position and is compatible with the RCS radial master cylinders.  This adjustment comes in handy on the racetrack when the rider wants to dial out brake fade while keeping your right hand on the throttle on the straights, and be pinned on the throttle. Installation of the TWM remote adjuster is very simple, and takes only minutes. To view the product being installed in our store, click HERE Tools you will need are:...

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How To Install Rapidbike Evo Fuel Controller Module on a BMW S1000RR

Rapidbike EVO is our favorite fuel controller module and it is by far the best product of its kind which is available on the market today.  Naturally, this is what we installed on our BMW S1000RR in order to maximize the power gains from the Sprint P08 Filter and the Akrapovic Evolution Line full titanium exhaust system that are already on this bike. This is a detailed how-to install for the Rapidbike EVO fuel controller module, the bike in picture is a 2015 model year, but installation steps are identical for the 2015 to 2017 model years. Installation is fairly...

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